Wild planting and garden design in Dorset, Bath and Bristol

Garden Design Process - French garden

Walled garden with box, lavender and rosemary

 mixed with spring/summer bulbs

Garden Design Process - natural garden
Terraced Garden with dining level and naturalistic planting
and lower level woodland walk and pool

Wild Garden Making


The Lupin works for corporate and domestic clients providing decorative planting and making new gardens, often from building sites.

Current projects include a large family garden with many different elements and an urban courtyard. Sometimes clients want all year round layered planting for an existing space or to make a new fruit orchard, parterre or wilder planted area.

Our focus is to work with the client to create an outdoor world which works for them. Our style has been to develop ways to create impact alongside lower maintenance. We often used shaped hedging or trees with looser planting and bulbs. We also particularly like to use fruit trees and bushes for ornamental effect. Established in 2012, we can draw on horticultural training including the prestigious English Gardening School, National Certificate in Horticulture and work experience within a professional nursery environment.

We work hard to find the best solution for our clients at the right budget level.